Dollschino® pronounced as ‘Doll-Sheen-No” is an award winning luxury, fun, unique, unisex clothing and accessories brand, with a Barbie & Ken Doll inspired fashion theme.

An eye catching collection of Clothing, Accessories, and Leather Goods, founded in 2017 and officially launched in 2020.

Dollschino has caught the attention of several TV & Radio Personalities, Influencers, Models, Celebrities and Musicians internationally

Dollschino currently trades online and provides high quality products at competitive rates. Their collection is suitable for Kids, Teens and Adults, and their Hoodies, Bandeau Tops, Bomber Jackets, Sports Bras and Sports Leggings are available in Plus Sizes between (18-32)

Dollschino's products are handmade and manufactured in the UK, and their customer base spans internationally. Some of their products have been featured in VOGUE, GLAMOUR and LOOK Magazine

Dollschino aims to become a successful business that will expand with an Increase of designs and products, as well as be in a strong enough position to provide employment opportunities and work experience Dollschino feels that collectively this will help the UK economy